What are you interested in?

With us at University West, you can find your way. You can study anything from nursing, teaching and engineering to social work, systems development and economics. You can do the unexpected, change society and maybe even change yourself.

Do you love numbers and analysis? Is organization and leadership your thing or would you rather work with business intelligence in an international organization?

Virtually all companies, organizations and public administrations need employees with knowledge of business administration, law, economics and statistics. If you choose to train in economics, there will be a variety of industries and jobs to choose from, depending on your chosen field of study.

Our programs

  • Bachelor of Economics program, 180 p
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Are you interested in body and health? Do you enjoy working closely with people?

Training in health and care is suitable for those who want to work in various ways on human health and ill health and make a real difference. If you choose to study in the field of health and care, you will have an important and very attractive skill set in the labor market.

Our programs

  • Nursing program, 180 credits
  • Program for social psychiatric care, 180 credits
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Do you want the opportunity to practice one of the most important professions in society? Are you ready to inspire and engage? Do you want to work on child and youth development? Schools are the foundation of our entire society, which is why the teaching profession is so important.
With a teacher’s degree, you can choose where you want to work after graduation. We need more teachers who give others new perspectives, who encourage and listen. Who can get others to cooperate. Who are questioning and understanding. Is it you?

Our programs

  • Preschool teacher program
  • Basic teacher program with specialization in after-school care: Physical education and health (Work-integrated teacher education), 180 credits.
  • Primary teacher program – preschool class and grades 1-3
  • Primary teacher program – grades 4-6 (work-integrated teacher training)
  • Subject teacher program – grades 7-9
  • Subject teacher program – upper secondary school
  • KPU (complementary pedagogical training)
  • Vocational teacher program
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Are you passionate about programming or do you have an artistic talent and like to create? Maybe you want to work as a media designer or digital media strategist in the future?

The field of IT is growing and, in line with digitalization, new needs have emerged among companies and organizations. It is an exciting and changing environment in the field of Media and IT. After graduation, you will be prepared for a hot labor market with many different types of jobs to choose from.

Our programs

  • 3D Animation and Visualization, 180 credits
  • Digital Media, 180 credits
  • Systems Development – IT and Society, 180 credits
  • Webmaster, 120 credits (distance)
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Do you want to develop and run projects in an international organization or do you want to meet people in depth and work with preventive health work? The labor market is good and skills from these areas are in demand in many different contexts, both private and public.

Our programs

  • International Program for Politics and Economics (IPPE) 180 credits
  • Social work program with a social education profile, 210 credits
  • Bachelor in Human Resources, 180 credits
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Are project management, quality and sustainable development your thing? Are you passionate about energy-efficient logistics solutions? Do you want to be involved in building communities from conception to construction?

With us you can choose from several programs with different specializations. Society faces a number of challenges such as digitalization, energy supply and product development. The need for university-educated staff in technology is therefore very high. If you choose to study an engineering degree, you will have plenty of opportunities to choose where you want to work after graduation.

Our programs

  • Computer Science, Bachelor of Engineering – Programming and Network Technology 180 credits
  • Electrical Engineer – Electrical Power 180 credits
  • Electrical Engineer – Electric Vehicles 180 credits
  • Industrial Economics 180 credits
  • International Mechanical Engineering 180 credits (program starts in spring)
  • Applied Urban Planning 180 credits
  • Mechanical engineer 180 credits
  • Automation Engineer 180 credits
  • Network Technology with IT Security 120 credits

Do you want to become an engineer but lack the necessary qualifications? We have the solution! With us you can study the Basic Technical Year.

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